Hospitality Training Programme

The perfect programme for students who want to improve their English and take an optional paid placement in the UK

Hospitality Training Programme

If you want to come to the UK to improve your English ready for a career in the hospitality industry, then our Hospitality Training Programme (HTP) could be the perfect choice for you. Starting with one week of English at our British Council accredited school in London Greenwich, you will be able to improve your core skills before continuing to support your learning with tutorials on Twin e-Learning, our online learning platform. 

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Minimum Age 18

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Optional paid hospitality placements throughout the UK

The UK has a shortfall of employees in the hospitality sector, in particular chefs and other workers in the food industry. This has created a great opportunity for European workers who want to come to the UK to work, gain experience in a fast-paced environment and practise using everyday English with paid hospitality internships. Our training programme aims to prepare participants for a career in the hospitality industry, which requires workers to have accurate working knowledge of the language.

Not only will you benefit from our quality English tuition when you begin the course, you will continue to support your learning with Twin e-Learning, our online platform. Our e-Learning modules are the perfect accompaniment to work experience, so you can continue to improve your language capability and put your skills into practice while working. We work with hundreds of host businesses throughout the UK, so we are also able to arrange all participants on our a Hospitality Training Programme an optional paid placement to take place after their English lessons.

What kind of job could I get in the UK?

Whether you have secured a job already or you want our help with finding a paid placement, there are a number of hospitality jobs available in the UK. Roles will vary depending on your experience and English level, but you are sure to find a variety of general roles and specific positions. Example optional placements include:

  • Waiting staff
  • Bar staff
  • Housekeeper
  • Kitchen porter
  • General assistant – this includes reception, housekeeping, waiting, bartending etc
  • Chef  - including commis chef, chef du partie and sous chef
  • Reception
  • Kitchen porter

Improve your English and get yourself work ready

English tuition will take place at our school in London Greenwich where lessons will focus on improving your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills so that you have better fluency and accuracy. General English lessons can be combined perfectly with some of our part-time options including conversation classes and English for Work, which looks at enhancing the language that you will use everyday in the workplace. Topics include professional telephone conversations and how to construct emails. 

Work in some of the UK's most beautiful locations

Our optional paid hospitality placements are available throughout the UK, often in coastal and rural towns, so you could have the chance to see some of the UK's most beautiful locations. Host companies where we have recently placed students are in:

  • Coastal Wales
  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • The Shetland Islands
  • The Lake District
  • The Scottish Highlands 
  • Sussex
  • Hampshire
  • Somerset

Many of these locations are often frequented by British tourists so you will have the chance to develop your language skills and hospitality experience naturally in a real-life environment. You will receive at least the minimum wage but in some instances, businesses in locations such as Devon and Cornwall have offered students a wage of up to £9.00 per hour.

Course Details

  • Our host businesses

  • Twin e-Learning

  • Eligibility

  • Packages available

  • We have been placing students just like you on our paid hospitality internship programme for over 20 years and we have established relationships with more than 500 hospitality and tourist providers over this period of time. We work with reliable, reputable companies who will be able to support you throughout your placement and help you to develop your knowledge of the hospitality industry.

    Example host businesses include:

    • Hotels/Bed & Breakfasts
    • Pubs/bars
    • Restaurants
    • Caravan/camp sites
    • Holiday villages
    • Spas and resorts
  • You will have access to Twin e-Learning, our virtual learning platform for the duration of your placement, whether this is one of our optional placement provided by Twin or you have already secured a role yourself. You will be able to access tutorials, contact our English teachers and receive feedback so that you can see any improvements made in your language ability. There is information and videos available that are specific to the hospitality industry and you will be able to measure your success and see how much you have improved while on your placement. 

    • Age 18+ (Maximum recommended age: 30)
    • EU Nationals or Holders of Appropriate Visas only
    • Must feel comfortable in English-speaking environment
    • Optional placements based on skills, training, personality and dates of availability
    • Some vacancies may require specific qualifications or experience
  • One week of English tuition is included in the programme as standard, but you add on extra weeks to ensure that you are fully prepped for work. Some of our students on a fixed duration placement also take one week of tuition after completion so that they are able to see how much their language skills have improved through their work experience. 

    Hospitality Training Programme rates
    HTP Standard Programme £400
    HTP + English tuition (2 weeks) £600
    HTP + English tuition (3 weeks) £750
    HTP + English tuition (4 weeks) £900