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Information about Twin

At Twin, we have more than 17 years of experience in creating quality internship experiences in the UK for students from the EU and worldwide. Our internship programmes help people like you take the first steps of the career ladder and enhance their CV. Our placement-matching service and the quality of our programmes hasn’t gone unnoticed, we have gained Study Travel Magazine’s ‘Star Work Experience Provider of the Year’ award five times in seven years, achieving ‘Superstar’ status. 

We don’t just do internships!

In addition to our work experience opportunities, we have two British Council accredited English Language schools in the bustling city of London and the seaside sunny Eastbourne. We have a wide range of courses available including everything from General English to Business English and IELTS or Cambridge Exam Preparation.

Thinking of taking a gap year? We can help with that too!

We have work and volunteer projects available throughout the world. You can protect the gentle elephants in Thailand, become a language assistant in France, live with the majestic lions in South Africa, be an Amazon conservation volunteer in Ecuador and much more.

But we don’t stop there...

We also arrange exciting UK school group travel and tourism opportunities, have amazing summer camps for juniors, and government-funded programmes for UK residents to improve their prospects. With a wealth of experience across a number of products in varying industries, you can rely on Twin to create the best experience for you.