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13 essential items you need on your first day

Do you know what you should take for the first day of your internship? Did you answer no? Find out what the 13 essential items that you need are.


The UK’s capital city offers various internships for both national and international individuals who want to enrich their career with some work experience. At Twin, we focus on finding you your ideal internship and we feel it’s only fair we prepare you in every way possible for your first day at your internship.

So here are our 13 essential things you need on your first day when you start an internship in London:

  1. An absolute essential for your internship is a notebook. A notebook is perfect for writing down vital instructions, numbers and notes which you need during your internship.


  1. And what use is a notebook without a pen? It’s often handy to have a few pens, just in case one runs out, or you lose one.


  1. You can take your organisational skills a step further and take a personal planner, that way you can have all the details about the internship, to do lists and due date lists in one handy little book.


  1. In your personal planner or notebook you can write down any questions that you might have before you go in for your first day, or that you may come up with during your first day. A list of questions helps to show how eager you are to learn and how engaged you are with your internship.


  1. If you are commuting using any transport in London, you will need to have an Oyster card, contactless card or a travel card. Make sure you have plenty of money on your card or that your travel card is in date.


  1. Speaking of commuting around London, it’s always useful to have some hand sanitiser with you, even if you don’t have mysophobia, also known as germophobia (an irrational fear of germs), because a lot of people use public transport and you don’t want to get ill during your internship.


  1. It’s an essential that most people cannot live without, but don’t forget your mobile phone, especially if you feel you might need to console a map for directions or if you need to ring the company if you get lost/are going to be late.


  1. Wearing suitable clothing for the job is a must! Check with the company what kind of attire is suitable before your first day (some offices are casual and others are smart).


  1. It is essential that on your first day you take any identification or completed forms/paperwork that the company requires you to have to start interning with them.


  1. It is an essential to have a water bottle or a coffee mug, so that you can stay hydrated and alert throughout the working day.


  1. Having a packed lunch will save you from having to go out and buy food, and you can also prepare whatever you wish to eat. A lot of offices have microwaves, so you can reheat food (however it might be worth checking if they have one before you turn up on the day).


  1. It is useful to have some money with you, just in case your new team want to go out for coffee or lunch to celebrate your arrival to the team.


  1. And the final essential is a sturdy bag, something that can hold all of your first day essentials!


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