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5 incredible benefits of doing an international internship

Do you know these 5 benefits of completing an internship in the UK?


Do you want to take part in an internship abroad, but you aren’t sure whether it’s the right choice for you? Then find out how a work experience opportunity abroad can benefit you and your career.

Gaining work experience abroad can be very beneficial for your personal and professional development. Taking part in an internship abroad will look great on your CV and it can also: help you to develop existing skills in your chosen sector, improve your language skills and enhance your cultural awareness.

  1. Living abroad can help you to learn the native language, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert you will definitely be able to pick up the language much easier if you are around it every day.
  2. Along with improved language skills, the internship will help to improve your communication skills in a practical working environment, which is something that future employers will want to see in your CV.
  3. Gaining work experience can help to enhance your CV and make your application stand out against your competition, because you will get a better understanding of your career and develop the essential skills you need to succeed in the jobs you apply for.
  4. Experiencing a different culture can really help to broaden your understanding of the world and learning about a different working environment and style can help to extend your knowledge of the working world, as well as allowing you to make international networks.
  5. Your confidence, self-esteem and independence will grow because living in a foreign country will mean that you have to rely on your own abilities to complete tasks. Your personal growth will be significant and during your international internship, you will prove to yourself that you can do all the things that you thought you couldn’t. 


But don’t take our word for it, why don’t you find out the benefits of an international internship for yourself?  Discover your ideal internship in the UK or Dublin and contact us today!