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5 myths about internships

Find out the real truth behind these common 5 internship myths.


If you are thinking about doing an internship in the UK but you are scared by the myths surrounding internships then here is what you need to know!


Interns are only given meaningless jobs to do

It is a myth that is held around the world that internships do worthless tasks, such as getting the employers coffee or copying documents all day, however it is not true. Interns are often given tasks that can help them understand how the workplace that they are working in operates, such as researching for the company and administration tasks.

The company will hire you after the internship

Maybe it is more wishful thinking than a myth, but a lot of interns believe that they will land a job after the internship. The company that you are interning for don’t have to give you a job just because you have completed all the tasks that were asked of you. You might be offered a job from the company if you blow them away, but the main purpose of your internship is so that you get valuable experience.

“An internship won’t help me; I don’t know what I want to do”

Even if you are uncertain about what you want a career in, then an internship is the perfect option for you. Not knowing what you want means that you are open to trying new things in order to find what it is you do want. An internship is a ‘try before you buy’ kind of deal; if you intern in retail and then realise you don’t like working with customers, then you can cross that out of your list for potential careers.

The best internship is one that pays

Not all internships offer the experience you are looking to gain and a wage. A lot of internships are unpaid. If you narrow your search down to internships that pay, then you might not find the one that will teach you what you want to learn or experience.

International internships are a waste of time

Yes, you could get an internship in your own country. However, international internships are worth considering too, because not only do you gain experience, you also get to practise your English and live independently abroad. Employers will like to see an international internship on your CV and it will help you stand out from the crowd.