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5 simple ways you can network during your internship

Networking is a critical part of your internship and can help start building the pathway of your career


Networking is an absolute must during your internship, because the contacts that you make and the friendships that you gain may lead to some promising career prospects or lifelong friendships. I’m not going to sugar-coat it, networking can be scary; but you can do it! (Especially with these 5 simple steps.)

Be approachable

Being friendly and approachable will make people want to talk to you. So always remember to smile and greet your colleagues. Being helpful and considerate towards your co-workers will also help to build relationships, if you are going to the shop/going to the kitchen to make a coffee make sure you ask if anyone wants anything.

Show an interest

Always show an interest in what other people are saying; ask questions and listen carefully. The more you find out about somebody the better; you might find that you have similar interests – which could spark a friendship, or that they have worked at a company that you would like to intern/work at – and they might be able to put in a good word for you.

Make yourself available

Be ready to help both the department that you are working in and also any other departments in the company. If you have completed all your workload then why not ask your manager if there is anything you could do outside of your departmental duties and express your interests i.e. you might want to understand more about the sales or accounting team. You can also make yourself available after work; ask a co-worker if they want to go for a coffee or attend an event that you think they’ll like.

Get social (virtually)

Follow your colleagues on social media, especially LinkedIn – because they can endorse you on the new skills you learnt at your internship. Following them on social media shows that you are interested in what they have to say, especially if you engage with their posts, and it also makes it easier to keep in contact after your internship.

Get social (physically)

Attend any events or social gatherings that your office has, it’s an excellent way of meeting people that you wouldn’t necessarily get a chance to speak to in the workplace. If there doesn’t seem to be any events, why not suggest to your team an event or gathering and ask them to invite the whole office?

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