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8 things you will learn when living abroad

Find out what lessons you will learn when you are living abroad


Whether you are studying, interning or working abroad, the experience will change you. There are many lessons that you will learn about yourself whilst living in a new country.


Fewer items make your life easier

As you are preparing for the move, you’ll realise that having less is much easier. There’s no point carrying all your clothes, books and the kitchen sink on your back, it’ll be too heavy and you probably won’t even use or wear most of the things. This lesson is very valuable.

Remember: less is more!


Everyone and everything is different

Living abroad will teach you that nothing is ‘normal’. Normal does not exist, there are ways in which you have learnt to do things and ways in which others have learnt to do things; neither is wrong or right. You will learn a whole lot about new cultures and values that are different to your own.

Remember: every new experience shapes you; do something new, even if it scares you!


Unlimited lessons

You could live a thousand years and there would still be lessons that you can/should learn about the world and everything in it. With so much to learn, there’s no wonder that you might get things wrong every once in a while. Living abroad will teach you that making mistakes can help you learn and that you shouldn’t be too embarrassed if you make a mistake.

Remember: mistakes can benefit you, as long as you learn from them.


Importance of friends

When you’re without your family in a strange country where they speak a different language to you, everything can feel completely foreign. You may feel homesick at times, which is why it is very important to make new friends. Your friends will become your new family whilst you are living abroad and will help to create memories that will last forever.

Remember: to say yes to everything that is offered to you. Saying yes opens the doors of opportunity for great friendships and unforgettable stories.


Everyone needs help

Living abroad can teach you that asking for help from time to time does not make you a failure; it is okay to ask for help. A lot of people feel ashamed to admit that they need help with something, but think of it this way: what is the best way of finding out where the best pubs are? By asking a local; someone who knows the area and what if has to offer.

Remember: asking for help does not make you weak.


Being able to adapt

Something that you will learn whilst living abroad is how to revise your original course of action. This may be the greatest life lesson you ever learn, because wherever you are in the world, there will be times when you need create a plan B. Being able to adapt to new surroundings is a big part of living abroad.

Remember: being able to adapt is what employers like to see.


Live in the moment

Living abroad can teach you to live in the moment. You learn that you can’t spend every second worrying about things that don’t really matter; it’s just easier to go with the flow and be thankful for the little things.

Remember: the 5 by 5 rule; if you won’t remember it in 5 years’ time, don’t spend more than 5 minutes stressing over it.


You can

Living independently in a different country can help you realise that you can do all the things you thought you couldn’t. Living outside of your comfort zone shows that you are able to do anything that you set your mind.

Remember: when things go wrong, you are more able than you know and you can deal with the situation.