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9 things you need to know before you intern in Dublin

Prepare for your internship with our top tips about Dublin.


There are a number of useful tips you can learn before you come to complete your internship in Dublin, which will help you to feel more prepared for when you arrive in the capital city of Ireland. 


The city is relatively small – so make sure you explore outside of the city. Wicklow Mountains, Cliffs of Moher, Castles such as Blarney Castle and Kilkenny Castle, and The Giant’s Causeway are all incredible places to see.









Dublin is not part of the UK! South Ireland is known as the Republic of Ireland and has been its own country since 1949. In the Republic of Ireland the currency is the Euro.









Much like the UK though, the weather can be very unpredictable – so make sure you pack for all types of weather rain, sunshine, snow and everything else in between.









Ireland has a reputation as a drinking country, however this isn’t necessarily the case – pubs and bars close at 11:30pm on the weekdays and around 1am on the weekends. Off-licenses and supermarkets also stop serving alcohol after 10:30pm.







That said, Dublin (the city centre and the county) has over 700 pubs and bars so you will have plenty of drinking establishments to visit!







Locals are very friendly, so be prepared to engage in conversations and make new friends.








One of Dublin’s most well-known and loved tourist attractions is the Guinness Storehouse. By all means you should go; it’s worth a visit – and you get a free pint of Guinness! But make sure you go early to avoid the queues.






The Irish use a variety of slang words that you won’t have ever heard before (at least not in the context of what they mean). For example ‘craic’ means a good time/fun, ‘eejit’ means idiot, ‘grand’ means fine or adequate, and ‘the jacks’ means the toilet – usually meaning the public toilets.







Ireland is steeped in history from Celts to Vikings, and there is an incredible array of museums and tours where you can learn more about it all. (Added bonus for those on a budget: the museums are free!)





If you fancy an international internship in Dublin (and why wouldn’t you – the country is beautiful) then check out our website for more information about our internships in Ireland.