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Taking a break can boost your productivity

During your internship you might feel drained and unmotivated, so why not take one of these breaks to recharge?


Studies have shown that taking breaks can boost your productivity at work. It’s a win for you, you get to do something else for a little while (and break up the day, especially if it is a long one) and your employer has a more productive intern!

Elite performers (athletes, musicians and actors) who practice in uninterrupted sessions of up to 90 minutes and then take breaks performed better, than those who practiced for hours on end, as a study found. This method of working encourages a higher level of performance.

So next time you are sat staring at a screen, trying to do work but not finding any motivation, why don’t you try to work more effectively by taking a break?

Listen up interns, if you want to be more productive during your internship then take a productive boosting break, like one of the below:

  1. Get up and move

Walking to the kitchen area and making a drink can help; why not make a tea or coffee? Or walk to the toilet. Just by changing your immediate environment you can feel more productive.

  1. Have lunch/eat something healthy

Eating food can boost your energy levels and allow you to be more productive. Ideally eat something healthy because junk food has negative impacts on you and your brain function.

  1. Exercise

Going for a walk, a jog or going to the gym can really help to boost your productivity during your internship because it will make you feel more refreshed and able to work.

  1. Take a power nap

Maybe you are having a particularly stressful day at your internship? Why not close your mind off and focus on your breathing for 5 minutes until you fall into a sleep. But make sure it is only a quick one and don’t sleep the day away!

  1. Get creative

Why not try doing some doodling or drawing? Being creative can help to boost your productivity and it is also fun to just sit and draw. Alternatively, if you are as bad at drawing as I am, do some puzzles, like a crossword or a word search.

  1. Socialise with your co-workers

And finally the obvious one, talk to your colleagues, you get to practice your English language skills and let your brain focus on something else for a little while. Your co-workers may also be able to share ideas on the task that you are currently doing.

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