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How can a short term internship help you?

Find out if a short internship is the next step for your career


Do you want to intern in a role that can benefit your career and improve your English language skills, but you aren’t too sure whether you want to live abroad in the UK, or if your English is good enough?

Our taster internship in London, or Eastbourne, can help you decipher whether an internship abroad is the right choice for you. The short-term internship can be in any sector that you choose and will last a maximum of three weeks, which ensures you get a real flavour for international work, but also ensures that if you don’t like the internship then you aren’t tied down for too long.


Who is it for?

The taster internship has been designed for individuals with the A1 minimum level of English (IELTS 2.5) and thus is perfect for students between the ages of 16-21.

The short-term internship is ideal for students who wish to get a feel for international work experience, but who are uncertain whether it is the right path for them. Our taster internship is ideal for students who wish to develop their English language skills, whilst gaining valuable work experience in a low-pressure environment.


How can it help you?

  • Make your CV stand out

Work experience can really set you apart from other applicants when you’re applying for jobs. Not only does it show that you are keen to work in that specific sector, it also shows that you have experience working in your chosen sectors environment.

For example, if you want a career in human resources, a taster internship that can help your CV stand out would be to experience working in an office environment for a HR company.

  • Enhance your soft skills

Soft skills are crucial for the workplace and unlike hard skills; they can’t be learnt from books. The only way to improve your soft skills is to experience them first hand and learn from your mistakes. An internship is the perfect way to find out about which soft skills you already possess and which ones you need to work on.

For example, if you were completing a three week internship in a customer service role such as retail, you might find out that your communication skills (both listening and speaking) with the customers is perfect, however your teamwork skills need improving.

  • Improve your language skills

Whether you are in the UK for one, two or three weeks with our taster internship, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to use and develop your English language skills. Improving your language skills can help your CV stand out, because learning a foreign language is a desirable hard skill that employers like to see.

For example, during your internship you will be around native speakers, both in your accommodation and workplace, who can encourage you to learn new vocabulary and enrich your conversational skills, something that you might not learn from the language books.

  • Expand your business vocabulary

Similar to improving your language skills, an internship can also expand your business vocabulary. Being in an environment where the industries language is used daily can really help you learn new words and phrases.

For example, if you want a career in computing you might want to learn the correct terminology for your career. Working for an IT firm in the UK will expose you to the English IT terminology and how to use it in the correct context.

  • Discover whether your chosen career is right for you

A taster internship gives you the freedom to explore your options, which can help you decide whether your chosen internship sector is what you want to pursue as a career or not.  The short taster will help you establish whether it is a career that you are interested in.

For example, if the career you thought you wanted wasn’t everything you hoped for when you tried out a three week placement, then the taster internship still serves as a useful learning curve, because you will have experienced a working environment, developed your soft skills, improved your language skills, and you can also cross out a career that you are no longer interested in.