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How to showcase your abilities during your internship interview

Ace your internship interview by following these simple tips


Most often your internship interview will consist of no longer than an hour discussion with the employer. Preparation for this discussion is vital which is why you should check out our common internship interview questions and how to answer them blog.

Showcasing your abilities to get your ideal international internship is key to developing your dream career. You can do so by following these 4 simple steps:

Discuss what you study/have studied

Detailing your academic qualifications and success is an excellent way to deal with the first interview question “Tell me about you”. Here you should focus on what you have learnt during your studies, such as your researching abilities, the importance of teamwork and the materials you’ve learnt from the course which allow you to fulfil the internship role.

Draw upon relevant experience

If this isn’t your first internship then you should definitely go into detail about your previous internship experience. Explain the company where you interned, your duties, what you enjoyed about it and how the experience has enabled you to possess the skills needed in this internship role and further your career.

However, if this is your first internship then you could draw upon other experiences, such as if you have a part-time job or if you have volunteered your time to help others. The key to drawing upon relevant experience is thinking about the skills needed for your internship and how you possess them from previous experiences.

Identify any relevant transferrable skills

For the skills and experience you don’t have, you can use appropriate transferrable skills from your hobbies and interests, such as if you are in a club you might have learnt organisational skills and/or time management. Perhaps you are in a band or play a sport? Think about the relevant skills you have learnt from whatever you love doing.

Show don’t tell

Showing the interviewer that you are right for the internship is much better than telling them. Remember to support everything you say with examples – which are personalised to your own experiences.

For example, you might say that you have excellent communication skills. To show this statement you could then tell the interviewer the time when you worked as a sales assistant and helped a customer find just what they were looking for. Or you could detail a time when you gave a presentation at school or university.

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