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International Women's Day

Find the empowerment and inspiration you need to apply for your dream internship


Today is International Women’s Day (IWD); the global day is for celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.


IWD has been observed since the 1900’s, in fact it was first observed as National Women’s Day in the United States in 1908, when the Socialist Party of America created the day for garment workers who went on strike in New York, to protest against their working conditions.

Since then, many countries have celebrated International Women’s Day. The Charter of the United Nations, which was signed in 1945, was the first international agreement to confirm the value of equality between women and men. The United Nations started celebrating International Women’s Day on the 8th March 1975, during International Women’s Year.

IWD has been around for over a century now and each year it is making more of an impact, positively effecting women’s lives everywhere. Across the world, the day is about unity, celebration, reflection, support and action for equality – whatever that looks like in each part of the world.

Press for progress

This year’s campaign is #Pressforprogress; you can get involved whoever you are, by committing to a ‘gender parity mindset’ and carrying out a certain action. For example, you can challenge stereotypes about women by using inclusive language and challenge statements that limit women.

Find out how you can get involved and help make equality happen:

How can I celebrate the day?

There are a variety of events across London to celebrate IWD, such as talks and festivals that empower and promote gender equality.

Check out some of the below links to find something you can do to celebrate today:'s%20Day/

Hopefully today inspires you to chase after your dreams, regardless of your gender. Why not take the first step towards your dream career and apply for an internship