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Overcoming homesickness during your internship

Use your touch, smell, sight, taste and hearing to overcome homesickness


During your internship you might miss your home, friends or family, or furry pets, to overcome your homesickness. Homesickness can get to everyone at some point, regardless of how long you spend away from home during your internship, or how far away from home you are, everyone finds themselves missing home. 

Did you know that you can use your 5 senses to make you feel more at home, no matter where you are? That’s right; your senses can help to comfort you in your time of need.

Smelling something that reminds you of home can really help you to relax, because the sense of smell is tied to your memories. Find a laundry detergent that smells like the way your clothes do when your mother washes them, or purchase a candle that reminds you of a smell from your hometown. Or if your favourite smell is a type of food from back home, then find a restaurant or shop that has it.

Taste is a very strong sense that can relieve your homesickness and leave you feeling full, content and relaxed. If you find yourself feeling glum, you can cook up a feast that reminds you of home, or alternatively find a restaurant who can cook it for you!

Keeping your favourite photographs of loved ones or places that you think are beautiful from your home town, or during your travels, can help you relax and feel better. Digital photos have made it increasingly easy for you to keep a piece of home with you.

Your ears are incredible body parts that can help to cure your homesickness. Again, the digital world has made it easy to talk to loved ones over the internet, without it having to cost you a penny! Or you can put on your favourite song and have a dance around.

Touching things that remind you of home or make you feel more relaxed can help to prevent your feelings of homesickness. So why not cuddle up to your favourite childhood teddy or wrap yourself in a blanket that you’ve brought from home.