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Magical places in Scotland that all unicorn lovers must visit!

Did you know today is National Unicorn Day?


Who cares if this is an official day or not (or if the animal is mythical or real)? Today is National Unicorn Day. Very recently there’s been a huge unicorn phase in shops; you can buy so much unicorn merchandise (and if you are anything like me, you have been buying it all!) from pens, to slippers and everything in between, so long as it is magical.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a unicorn is usually described as a white horse-like animal with a horn on its head and the horn is said to have magical properties and powers. The unicorn is also believed to have been the natural enemy of the lion, which is a symbol of English royalty.


Did you know that Scotland’s national animal is a unicorn? So what better time to explore Scotland than on National Unicorn Day? But if unicorns aren’t your thing, Scotland also has so many other incredible things to offer.

Scotland is the northernmost country in the UK, it has beautiful landscapes and countryside, as well as a rich history complete with numerous fairy-tale like castles and many ancient churches.


The capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh, is perhaps the most famous touristy spot, with over 4 million people visiting the city each year. It has unlimited tourist attractions such as a castle, a palace, a zoo, a botanical garden, lots of shops, and many art galleries and museums. Also, dotted around the city you will find various statues of unicorns, such as outside the National War Museum at Edinburgh Castle.


Stirling Castle, in Stirling, has a magnificent tapestry of the Mystic Hunt of the Unicorn, a 2 million pound project that took 13 years to complete with a team of weavers from across the world. The tapestry is based on the Hunt of the Unicorn series, which was made in the early 1500s and is currently displayed in New York. For the non-unicorn lovers, Stirling also offers plenty to do and see, with a 15th century church, an art gallery and museum and many shops in the town centre.


The coastal city of Dundee has two naval museums by the River Tay, the RRS Discovery (which was Captain Scott’s Antarctic expedition ship) and the HM Frigate Unicorn (which was a warship). The HM Frigate Unicorn is one of the oldest ships in the world and there is also a unicorn figurehead on the front of the ship, making it the only water-based unicorn!

Isle of Skye

Or if you have been working really hard at your internship or studying really hard at our London or Eastbourne English schools for a while and just fancy a quiet getaway to the countryside, why not check out the Isle of Skye? It has beautiful landscape and coastlines, where you can sometimes see dolphins and seals, so your adventure will be pretty magical – even without seeing a unicorn!