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Quick and easy trips to the Dublin coast

Why not take a trip to the seaside while completing your internship in Dublin?


One of the great things about living in Dublin is that the beach is never more than a short train ride away. You don’t even need to book a ticket in advance you can just use your travel card and get on the train within minutes of arriving at the train station. If you are lucky enough to be an Erasmus intern you will be provided with a free LEAP card and, if not, it is easy to buy one. So if your Twin internship or language studies have brought you to Dublin, then why not take a trip to the beautiful seaside village of Howth? Or go a bit further out to the lovely Sandycove. Both beaches are easy to get to from central Dublin.


The stunning coastal village Howth is home to quite a few charming cafes, chip shops and pubs. Not only can you go to the beach for a quick swim in the sea but you can also warm yourself up with a lovely hot chocolate or freshly made chips afterwards. I personally would recommend the wonderful little café named Tuck, they sell a variety of products- ranging from hot chocolate to ice cream. Or if you want a bigger snack you could visit one of the villages’ many pubs and restaurants. There are plenty of seaside pubs like O’Connell’s and you can take your chips down to the beach and see if you can spot some seals.

If you find yourself in Howth on the weekend you could even wander through Howth market. You can find anything from coffee and sweet snacks to jewellery and crafts at the market and it’s a great way to get a taste for local Irish culture.

If you want to take advantage of the picturesque location you could try the popular walk along the cliff, ending at Baily Lighthouse. The hike follows the coast and along the way, you will see the Wicklow Hills, the ocean and Dublin bay. The walk even ends by the Summit Inn, the perfect place to stop and relax after your hike.


Sandycove is another must-see seaside spot. It is a little further out but still only a train ride from central Dublin. The suburb could be the ideal place to go if you don’t like swimming but you love the seaside, as the beautiful town offers a variety of different activities. One of the most popular attractions in Sandycove is the James Joyce Tower and museum, named after one of Ireland’s most famous writers. The Tower earned its name as Joyce once stayed in the Tower himself and the opening section of Joyce’s famous novel Ulysses is set there. It is a great option if you don’t have a lot of money to spare because you can visit the museum for free! There are also plenty of opportunities to go for walks along the coast or you could even take a walk from one beach to another, as Killiney and Dalkey Hill are within miles of Sandycove.

It is believed to be healthy to swim in the cold sea. However, if you are a bit worried about the temperature of the water, it is still worth visiting the beaches. You can have plenty of fun playing on the rocks, watching the waves and walking by the sea. Whoever you are and whatever you are looking for there is plenty to do at the beaches in Dublin.

Liz and Charlotte at the beach