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How to celebrate St George's Day

Take part in these fun St George's Day events in London on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd April!


Are you in London this April, studying English or gaining some valuable work experience? Do you want to embrace the English culture? Then why not celebrate England’s patron saint, St George, on the 23rd April?

Saint George’s Day has been celebrated for many centuries and you can take part this year, by enjoying a delicious feast, visiting a castle and learning more about St George, or attending a St George’s Day concert.

About St George

Saint George was born around 280 AD, in the country that is now known as Turkey. He was a soldier in the Roman army. Saint George’s Day is celebrated on the 23rd April, which is believed to be when he was killed for being a Christian by the Roman Empire in 303 AD.

Legend says that when Saint George was visiting the town of Silene he killed a dragon to save the princess, who was being sacrificed so the people of the town could get water. In killing the dragon, St George also allowed the people of the town to access the water whenever they liked. To show their appreciation and honour Saint George, the people of the town all accepted Christianity as their own religion.

St George is also the patron saint of other countries, such as Bulgaria, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Portugal and Russia.

Events in London

21st April 2018

Celebrate Saint George’s day on Saturday 21st April in Trafalgar Square, with this awesome free event which will have stalls selling English food, free children’s art workshops and entertainment such as stilt walkers and live music.

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22nd April 2018

Why not spend your Sunday at Hever Castle and Gardens, in High Weald Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, near Tonbridge, learning about Saint George? You can hear tales of George’s adventures, meet the dragon that he killed and even hunt for the dragon’s egg in a trail around the castle.

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23rd April 2018

Listen to some fantastic live music at Cadogan Hall on St George’s Day, with the Band of the Coldstream Guards. Take part in St George’s Day concert and enjoy a night of fun as you journey through Old England.

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