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My internship experience with Twin: Angelina Dajthe

Find out what Angelina Dajthe has to say about the internship that we found for her at Lyonsdown


Twin Internships are ran by a fantastic team of placement officers, who find work experience for international students and individuals who want to gain valuable work experience in a practical working environment and who want to practice their English skills, just like you.

We can provide internships across a whole range of sectors such as Law, Marketing, Administration, Finance, IT, Human Resources, Hospitality, Retail and many more.

Our team of experts carefully match your details, your CV, your previous experience and your internship dreams with a fantastic placement either: in London, somewhere else in the UK, or you might even find yourself in Dublin! Our dedicated team also provide additional support throughout your work experience to ensure you have a wonderful and educational time whilst you are completing your internship.

Check out what Angelina Dajthe, from Germany, enjoyed about her marketing internship in London at Lyonsdown: 


Q.) What did you enjoy about your internship?

A.) I really enjoyed working with my team and trying out new things in my field. They gave me the chance to work in a creative way e.g. I created an advert which was printed in a magazine. My manager Geoff always took care of me and gave me tasks with which I learned more about marketing.


Q.) How do you think it has helped you?

A.) My internship has helped me to be more confident about my language and myself as a person. and I learned how to figure out difficult situations on my own. Especially my self-esteem build up more because I was lucky to meet a lot of great people at Twin and London at all.


Q.) How was your Twin experience? How did you find Twin’s placement services, support and advice?

A.) My Twin experience was great and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to travel and work in another country. Because of the activities after lessons Twin organised I had the chance to find some new friends in school and to see some places in the city.


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