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My Twin Internship Experience in London

Find out what Diana Christin Kempel has to say about her internship experience at Twin


Twin Internships are ran by a fantastic team of placement officers, who find work experience for international students and individuals who want to gain valuable work experience in a practical working environment and who want to practice their English skills, just like you.

We can provide internships across a whole range of sectors such as Law, Marketing, Administration, Finance, IT, Human Resources, Hospitality, Retail and many more.

Our team of experts carefully match your details, your CV, your previous experience and your internship dreams with a fantastic placement either: in London, somewhere else in the UK, or you might even find yourself in Dublin! Our dedicated team also provide additional support throughout your work experience to ensure you have a wonderful and educational time whilst you are completing your internship.

Sometimes we are lucky enough to have interns completing their work experience in our Twin office in London, such as Diana Christin Kempel, our Student Services and ESOL intern from Germany. So we asked Diana to share her experience about her time here:

Q.) What is good about taking an internship in the UK?

A.) Obviously, an internship in the UK offers the opportunity to practice and improve one’s English in the perfect context with native speakers. The English language is very important in most countries worldwide, especially for work.


Q.) What do you like about the UK? 

A.) London is an impressive city and it is great to spend some time here (more than only a few days). However, it can be really stressful and that is why it is great to visit other cities and places in the UK. I love the National Parks in the UK as they are perfect for hiking. Moreover, you can find lovely villages as well as big cities, so you will certainly find whatever you are looking for. I also like that most people are very polite.


Q.) What do you like about your internship?

A.) I very much so enjoy working together and collaborating with other people; everyone at Twin is very cooperative. My colleagues are warm-hearted and very kind. Work never gets boring due to my many varying tasks. Sometimes I even accompany students on trips into central London, which is a perfect opportunity to discover the city and to be in contact with the students. In addition, Twin enables me to work part-time as a teaching assistant.


Q.) Do you think you have had the chance to improve your English?

A.) Yes, I am sure that my English has improved; especially my English working vocabulary has improved. Also, my everyday life English gets better because I started thinking in English and daily conversations get easier as well. My internship allowed me to practice my English on several channels like writing, speaking and using English programs.


Q.) Would you take an internship in the UK again?

A.) I don’t think that I will have time anymore during my studies. It’s difficult to say how the circumstances will turn out after Brexit and if it will still be easy enough to do an internship abroad in the UK. However, I would encourage everyone to take part in internship because I have found it to be an unforgettable opportunity.


Want to find your ideal internship in London, Dublin, or the UK? Then check out Twin Internships and contact us today!