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What do they say? Nicole from Germany

Nicole's thoughts on interning in London with us at Twin.


I've always wanted to go overseas. I feel it is the best way to improve your language skills and getting to know people from different cultures.

I arrived in London with a funded EU programme called Erasmus +. The programme provides EU students with an opportunity to travel and enhance their working skills in order to prepare for a better life professionally.

Walking through the gates upon arrival, I had a several hours to spare before I made my way to the accommodation. During this time I just relaxed with a nice warm cup of coffee and a sandwich. A genuine surprise was seeing a live band playing at the coffee hut in the airport, which was something completely different as we don’t have that in Germany.

Hours later it was time for me to make a move. I came across a friendly woman who was kind enough to explain how the travel system works here in London although there were minor delays initially. During this period I had collected 5 different London maps to assist me and downloading the phone app named Citymapper for further assistance.

After a 2 ½ hours I had finally reached my destination to meet with my host family. My flight wasn’t that long and I was tired travelling with my luggage. The host family is very welcoming and greeted me upon arrival. I am sharing the accommodation with 2 other students who are having a very similar experience to me in a different country so we can share many stories with each other. I was happy and comfortable. My host mother is a great cook too.

First step on Monday was to enrol in Twin Language School in Greenwich where I will partake in a General English course for one week. One week I feel isn’t long enough but it would be good for me to get used to the language and meet with other students who are here too. The traffic in London is something you can’t really prepare for, despite people telling you it will be different each day. I liked the school because it gave me the opportunity to meet with new people and also some friends to arrange some activities in the evening or on the weekend outside the school times.

Mixing with International students is great, during break times and lunch periods we would often spend time to get to know each other and talking about the different backgrounds and cultures. This I felt was one of the highlights of the week for me.

Now my actual Internship begins at Twin's Head Office. I will be working closely with the International Sales department. I was greeted and introduced to everyone upon arrival. I was feeling positive about this because I have never been a part of a working environment where there are many different International mixes in one department so for me this was a bonus.

So far I am enjoying my stay here in London.