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What to expect from your homestay host?

Prepare yourself for your homestay with the advice and knowledge from one of our interns


If you have never stayed with a homestay family before, it can seem pretty daunting. So we asked our very own intern, Diana Kempel, about her homestay host experiences so far. This isn't Diana's first homestay experience, so her knowledge is extensive and her words are full of wisdom! 


Q: What items do students need to bring/what is already included during your stay?

A: Probably it depends on the host family so I’d recommend contacting the family in advance and ask them if there is anything (special) that you need to bring with you.

In my case I additionally had to bring a hairdryer as well as a towel. Shampoo, shower gel etc. can easily be bought here if it’s not provided; however, my host family allows me to use theirs.

Q: What do you like about staying with a homestay family?

A: Staying with a homestay family usually means that there is always someone to talk to or who can help if you have any questions. You are able to see and experience more of the culture and you have more opportunities to talk in English.

Q: How have your family made you feel welcome?

A: When I arrived, the daughter of the family showed me all the essential rooms and made a cup of tea for me – very British. My host mother came home later from work and we also had a chat.

Q: Do you find that staying with a homestay host helps to improve your English?

A: In general I am convinced that staying with a host family helps a lot to improve one’s English. However, my host family and I are working every day. In the evening when I come home we might have a short chat but otherwise, everyone is in their room. Again, this probably depends on the host family and I have heard that many students here spend a lot of time with their host families.

Q: What advice would you give students who have never stayed with a homestay family?

A: Be open-minded, integrate as good as possible and talk about every problem that occurs to you. Usually, there is a solution for it and your host family will be happy to know about it as soon as possible. Don’t be shy about asking any question you have. Every country and every family has its own routines and you clearly can’t know everything in advance. Treat the place with respect as it is your host family’s home.

Q: What advice would you give to students who want to make sure they get along with their homestay hosts?

A: Treat others how you’d like to be treated J If something is wrong, tell Twin about it and they will help you.

Q: Any other comments?

A: Enjoy your stay! It’s a great opportunity that you will never forget.