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Where to write your internship experience in your CV

Get the job of your dreams by utilising your work experience in your CV


Almost all job posts state that you must have experience. Which seems stupid because you can’t get the experience if you can’t get the job, right? Wrong! You can gain valuable experience from an internship and then utilise this experience in your CV. 

Internships can be a significant stepping stone for many careers; one that a lot of people are using (and not only young people, an internship can also help you change careers). But you mustn’t forget to write about the work experience in your CV!

Where should I include my internship experience?

A lot of people don’t get the positioning of their CV right, which means that they lose out on the opportunity of an interview. Grabbing the attention of your potential employer with your CV is crucial.

Don’t incorporate your internship experience at the bottom of your CV; it will look like a last minute thought on your part and the interviewer might only look at your work experience section – where you didn’t include your experience, so they will throw it away.

If you don’t have a lot of relevant employment history, definitely write your internship under the employment section, because it is essentially work experience and will prove that you have the skills and experience that are necessary.

How do I write about my internship experience?

Write your internship experience in a similar way you would write the description of previous jobs, you will need to include:

  • The title of the internship
  • The company at which you interned
  • how long you were there for
  • A short description detailing what your tasks were

The key to writing an effective description of your internship is to consider the role you are applying for. What does the role involve? Do they want you to have good communication and customer service skills? Write down any relevant and impressive details of your internship in short bullet points. Then use your cover letter as a means of explaining in further details a time when you went the extra mile for a customer or how you helped your team communicate more efficiently.

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