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Why a UK-based internship could be right for you



Why choose an overseas internship in the UK?

By Mohammed Abumahlula; If you are thinking about something new with your career or want to develop your skills, an internship could be a step in the right direction. In an increasingly competitive job market, employers look for many things from a candidate, one significant feature is their experience. Everyone has to start somewhere! Many employers don’t want to give a job to inexperienced or newly qualified individuals without them first gaining some quality experience. Usually graduates who have gained practical work experience before graduating have a better chance of securing a paid job, some university degrees even offer a one year work placement to help students gain experience before they graduate.

It is much easier to apply for specific roles with the experience provided by completing an internship, it can be tailored to meet your goals and help you find your ideal job faster. With an internship, you may find that you have more success with future job applications, interviews and an improved CV. It is great to do something to enhance your career and by doing an internship you avoid having gaps in your education and work history. Employers will see that you have been gaining experience, so that you can transition smoothly into paid work.


An opportunity to grow

Starting a new career can be challenging, an internship provides the opportunity to learn and not be overly burdened by performance and productivity. It is important to be happy and find the opportunity to develop before taking on greater responsibility. An internship is perfect for ensuring a healthier and successful transition into your new career.

For those hoping to find work in the UK or overseas, an internship provides the chance to improve your ability to use English in an everyday working environment. Being able to use English is crucial in both an English speaking country and worldwide, as it is the global language of business. By enhancing your skills and boosting your confidence through experience, you will improve your employability and will have the advantage of being able to use the global language.

A chance to shine

An internship allows you to apply all you have learned from your degree or language course into the workplace, especially while it is fresh in your mind. Internships can also be done whilst studying in holiday breaks or alongside your degree. 


Internships are an opportunity to impress. If your employer notices that you have developed well and a vacancy becomes available at the company, you are then at an advantage as you have inner knowledge of the business and already have a rapport with your colleagues. You will also gain a reference from a UK employer which will be useful for applications to positions in the future.

There are many great internship opportunities out there to help you find success in your desired career. You have the unique chance to take on new opportunities to develop yourself and improve your English in a business environment. There are many openings available so no matter what your chosen sector is, there will be an option for you to broaden your horizons and enhance your skills. It is an opportunity that is definitely not to be missed.