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Why I'd Rather Intern

Feeling a little lost after finishing your education? Find out why we think you should consider trying an internship!


After finishing university, you might be faced with the  realisation that you need to start looking for a job. You might be thinking ‘no one wants to hire a graduate’.  However, that time you spent studying for your degree was worth it, so you don’t have to panic!

The issue sometimes is that with so many graduates competing for jobs, it becomes harder to stand out, and launch your graduate career. However, there are some who decide they don’t want to be locked into a graduate job that they’re not even sure they want to do. 

What if you were presented with something you’d never considered? Read on to learn more  about interning before you work

Slow and Steady Wins the Race  

Some people find it better to intern, at least for a while, rather than go out and start working straight away. When you were growing up, you probably learned to be patient with things. You can’t run before you can walk.

The same principles apply to the job search. To us, there’s no point in rushing into something when you’re not even sure what that should be. You shouldn’t rush into a career if you probably don’t even know what you want to do. 

Most of the bad decisions a person is likely to make often come from diving headfirst into the first opportunity that comes their way. 

Time Is Your Privilege  

Despite what you might feel inside, you still have time to figure things out. You probably even have more time than you think!  

Arguably, now is the best time for you to go for it. You might regret waiting to try an internship if you put it off, especially as you end up with more and more to do.

In other words, responsibilities increase over time. So many of us dream of being older without realising that when we get older, we dream of being younger. There is an incredible chance to reach for the stars, so why not take the opportunity while you can.

Regret Stinks   

Time, right now, is one of, if not the most, precious resources. 

Building on our last point, you have a unique chance to finally research all those careers you’ve dreamed of having in the past

Unfortunately, life doesn’t come free, so you can work odd jobs to earn some money. However, there’s also a balance between supporting yourself and exploring a world of career possibilities. 


Such Things You Could See  

A young graduate was supposed to work as a recruitment consultant, with a desk and an office plant to keep them company. Covid sidelined that, and instead they found themselves undertaking freelance travel writing work, attending a conference in a posh skyscraper, and attending a seminar hosted by the former managing director of J.P. Morgan. 

None of those things would have happened if that graduate had just opted to go and look for an identical job, where they would have just sat behind a desk and watched the years pass them by.  

There is a world of memories to be made that money could never buy. What do you think will bother you most? Sitting in the retirement home at 96 thinking about all of those boardroom meetings, or lamenting over all of those things you wish you had tried? It’s your choice to make.


There is no point doing something for the sake of doing it, so be fearless, and go for what you want. You never know what might happen along the way! If this blog has piqued your interest in internships, why not check out our website for more information, and consider applying today!