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Choose London for your internship

There are many advantages to working abroad. Existing as the UK's hub of business, industry and commerce, London has a great deal to offer.


Why London is a great place to take an internship?

By Mohammed Abumahlula; For those of you hoping to take an internship abroad to develop your English skills, there’s no need to look further than London. The British capital is home to many businesses and has roles available across a number of sectors including: HR, marketing, accounting, journalism, psychology, fashion, art, design, architecture, catering, IT, law and administration. The UK is filled with so many opportunities that there will be no shortage of career and internship prospects.

Kensington Palace

Why London?

London attracts workers from across the UK and globally. This creates diversity in the workplace, meaning you will have the chance to familiarise yourself with the different accents that are used and the variations in the English language. By communicating with different English speakers, you will be able to practice English authentically. In addition to understanding different accents, you will familiarise yourself with colloquialisms and cues from socialising with work colleagues and friends that you will make on your internship journey.

Building your CV

Showing that you have worked in London is a valued feature on any CV as it shows that you have cultural awareness. With the job market being increasingly competitive globally, working in London will also show employers that you are independent and have the drive to succeed. London has a reputation for being demanding in comparison to the rest of the UK, so future employers can be sure that they are recruiting high quality talent.

St Paul's Cathedral

Travelling abroad for your internship isn’t just about work, you also need to enjoy yourself! London is a bustling city with so many places to see and things to do. On your free days, you will never be short of things to do, whether it be sightseeing, visiting famous attractions such as the London Eye or classic structures like St Paul’s Cathedral, restaurants, museums, cinemas or visiting shopping centres. With the vast London underground network covering most of this great city, you can be sure to travel around with ease. London is also connected to many other locations via direct train links such as Brighton, Cambridge and Oxford; there is also the Eurostar which provides access to France and mainland Europe.

Sound exciting? If you would love to experience the London lifestyle, practise your English, enhance your CV and travel to major attractions, then why not book an internship in London? You are sure to have a life changing and memorable experience.