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Why you should intern in London

Find out how you can boost your career with an internship in London


The job market is a competitive and cruel place. Finding employment is no longer just about handing in a CV that details your academic abilities; you must also have experience in your chosen sector.

The vicious cycle of needing experience but continuously being turned down for jobs that you’re applying for (because you don’t have any or enough experience) can leave you feeling unmotivated and uninspired.

This is where internships can be your saviour, or at least a useful stepping stone, for securing employment in the career that you want.


Why intern in London?

Internships help you gain the invaluable experience you need to move into the career you want. They also act as a test run, allowing you to get a sneak preview into the world of work and the industry you want to work in, to see if it is right for you.

  • Sample your career
  • Networking
  • Live independently and abroad

London has a vast array of businesses in various sectors, which is perfect for everyone, because regardless of the internship you want, you'll be sure to find it and be able to sample your career in the UK's capital city. 

London also has great potential for networking, whilst you are interning it is vital that you reach out and connect with professionals in the field because they can provide great insight and opportunities that may shape your career.

An internship in London not only boosts your career but it also shows that you can live internationally and independently, which speaks volumes about your adaptable character; a very attractive trait for employers.


Why intern with Twin?

At Twin, we help you find an internship, in your chosen sector, whether that is: retail, hospitality, general admin, marketing, engineering, real estate, fashion, IT, law and many more. So whatever career you are looking for we’ll be able to find an internship for you.

Twin ensure that each internship is a right fit for each individual, through an effective placement process, which matches the job roles to the students’ CV, career goals and personality.

We also provide 24/7 support and offer optional extras, such as accommodation, airport transfers and discounted attraction tickets, at an additional cost.