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Find out more about the programmes we offer to potential interns and see if we can help you

If you’re looking to hire interns or overseas students, there’s no need to look further than Twin! We have an award-winning work experience team based at our HQ in London Greenwich. We have over 20 years’ experience in placing overseas students in work experience roles and offer a placement matching service to ensure that the perfect partnership of student and employer is established.

No matter what business you have, there will be a student looking for quality experience that you could offer! We offer students a range of programme options across a broad range of sectors, working with small businesses to multinational companies, and we aim to offer a work experience process that is as successful for host companies as it is for students. The cultural exchange can often be as rewarding for companies as it is for participants and we regularly receive positive feedback from students and host businesses.

Our programmes:

London Internship

For those who would like to develop their working and language skills while staying in the bustling city of London. A great way to show employers on their CV that they can be independent. We offer to find placements in a large number of sectors.

Taster Internship

Ideal for those who would like to try out a career field for 1-3 weeks. We offer taster internships to interns across a wide range of sectors including retail, marketing, engineering, fashion, real estate, law, fashion, admin, HR, finance, PR & advertising, architecture, computing & IT, etc.

Hospitality Training Programme

Offering placements to students in a number of hospitality roles from hotels to restaurants.  Students will be placed for a minimum of four months for at least 20 hours per week and earn at least the UK minimum wage.

Tier 5 Engineering Sponsorship

Only available to non-EU graduates of Engineering. Students will be  paid, at least, the UK minimum wage and can be qualified in a number  of engineering fields.

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