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The benefits

There are many benefits to finding an intern, not just for the intern, but for your company. 

Access to individuals with higher-level skills who can bring new ideas to the company

  • Interns are able to provide a fresh perspective on business strategies and plans, and they can also help put forward new ideas. To really experience these benefits, make sure that interns are included in brainstorm sessions and are encouraged to participate and speak up in meetings. 

Enhancing social strategy

  • By teaching your interns about your social strategy you can not only get their feedback and opinions, but you can also allow them to see the real world applications of social media.

Add an extra pair of hands

  • Having an extra pair of hands on board can help to accomplish goals or finish outstanding projects, granted that it will help a young person learn a new skill or more about the industry in which they are placed. 
  • It can help your current employees be more productive as it prevents them from becoming overwhelmed by side projects and free them up to accomplish more creative, challenging or time-consuming tasks. 

A route to support future recruitment

  • Hiring an intern after their placement ends is beneficial to both the young person and the company. For example, little initial training will be required as they will have prior familiarity with the business. 

Supporting students to gain employability skills

  • Placements form an important part of a business’ ethos, corporate social responsibilities (CSR) and identity by developing the skills of local students or those that are important to the future of their industry.

It can improve the reputation of your organisation

  • If an intern has enjoyed their time at your company while gaining valuable skills and experience, they are more likely to recommend your placements to other young people. It also helps raise the profile of a business as you gain recognition for giving back to the community.