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The process

The internship process* 

1. We receive a student’s CV, covering letter and, dependent upon the requested sector, their portfolio. The covering letter should outline what the student wants to get out of their internship and why; we will then begin our placement matching service to find the most compatible company/student relationship.

2. For certain candidates, we will arrange an interview via Skype or telephone to assess their English level and eligibility. The interview usually lasts around ten minutes and we provide students with details of what to expect from their role and the kind of jobs they will be asked to complete

3. A Twin placement officer will consider the student’s application, and then find the most suitable company based on their needs.

4. The placement officer will then liaise the company and send the student’s CV to see if the company and student are a good match. If the company is happy with the student, the placement officer will arrange a date and time of an interview.

5. A company profile which contains the date and time of the interview, company address and contact name as well as travel directions will be sent to the agent and given to the student on arrival.

6. Employers may request an interview via Skype prior to the student’s arrival in the UK. Once the student has arrived in the UK, they will be required to attend an induction at Twin, which always takes place on a Monday morning. A face-to-face interview with the placement company will usually follow this. If the interview is successful, the student will begin their placement the following day.

*Please note that this should be used as a guide only and will vary with each individual application