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TIER 5 Candidates

Our internship programme gets international applicants as well as those from the EU. For candidates taking an internship through BUNAC certain criteria need to be met.

They need to know that the internship is:

  • Supernumerary (not a job) and clearly an educational experience
  • Tasks set to them will reach NVQ level 3 or above (taking on more complex tasks rather than routine daily tasks) 
  • Maximum 6 months in duration and a minimum 25 hours per week 

As BUNAC will be acting as the visa sponsor for the applicant they must have a complete understanding of what the intern will be undertaking and therefore require a training plan from the employer. 

The structure of the training plan is totally at the discretion of the employer but must include:

  • A clear structure either week-by-week or month-by-month
  • Showing rotation around departments (dependent on the nature of the company and internship ideas)
  • Providing information of any specific projects set to the intern
  • Details of weekly meetings/catch-ups
  • Who they will be shadowing
  • Confirm you have contact with the intern 

As an employer your responsibilities will include: 

  • Ensuring that the internship is designed to help the intern gain experience
  • Discussing the internship thoroughly with your potential intern
  • It would be helpful if you could provide information about local accommodation options, cost of living, local transport etc. 
  • You may need to accommodate a site visit by a BUNAC member of staff during or before approval of the internship 
  • You should check the intern's passport and visa upon arrival and take copies for your records (the intern is required to upload a copy of their Tier 5 visa to BUNAC, showing that their company has seen this.