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We have internships available in London, Eastbourne and many other locations throughout the UK as well as the Republic of Ireland

Each of our internship locations offers something unique to our students, providing them with the best experience and a better understanding of working life in the UK.

Our London internships allow students to work in a bustling and diverse city, providing them with the perfect opportunity to improve their professional English, improve their CV and acquire job specific skills. 

Eastbourne students get to experience life on the sunny British coast whilst building and improving their conversation skills. Over the years, we have offered many placements in customer service within workplaces such as retail, cafés and gyms; this has allowed for greater customer interaction to help enhance conversational skills.

Those who will be taking part in a placement as part of our Hospitality Training Programme may be located in some of the most rural and picturesque places across England, Scotland and Wales including the Lake District, Coastal Wales, the Shetland Isles, and the Scottish Highlands.