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Why do interns go to Eastbourne?

With an award-winning coastline, warm sunshine and exciting entertainment all year round, Eastbourne is an attractive location for internships. Ideal for those hoping to get away from life in a crowded city and be near the seaside. Interns get to stay for up to 3 weeks here on the Taster Internship programme while enjoying it like a holiday during their days off. We have traditionally placed interns into customer service roles since the seaside town offers many customer service orientated businesses, providing interns with the opportunity to test their skills in a customer facing role.

Interns take internships to help their CV stand out against those of other applicants for future roles because the job market is extremely competitive. It is an ideal opportunity for interns to show any future employers that they have the skills and drive needed to forge a successful career for themselves and are comfortable working in a fast-paced environment.

An internship in Eastbourne will allow interns to develop connections that they can use in the future. It will allow them to meet new people, experience the beauty of the British coast including South Downs and the iconic Beachy Head, and gain valuable work experience.

Business partners in Eastbourne 

Most of our placements are located in gyms, charity shops, retail, cafés and other customer service orientated businesses. As a customer service intern, they will be working in a low pressure working environment where they can learn about British working culture. In particular, interns will have the chance to practice their English and improve upon their conversation skills by not only working with colleagues but also with customers. We are always looking for new partners to help provide placements to our interns.

Internships available

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