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Why do interns go to Ireland?

A growing economy combined with a variety of industry sectors make Ireland an ideal location for anyone wanting to gain work experience. 

Recent success in imports and exports, as well as a government commitment to property construction has contributed to the largest growth in GDP on an annual basis since 2015. The Irish economy is boosted by a number of strong performing sectors, ranging from IT and software to Finance, Aircraft Leasing and more. With a number of sectors to choose from an intern coming to Ireland will be able to find something to boost their career prospects.  

There's much more to Ireland than a resilient economy. The country is home to a world-class arts and entertainment scene. With a famously welcoming and enthusiastic population, there is no shortage of enjoyment to be had among the Irish people, inside and out of the major cities. 

The nickname, the 'Emerald Isle', is indicative of Ireland's expansive and lush countryside. Interns might come to work, but there is ample room for exploration and relaxation too.  

An internship in Ireland will allow interns to gain experience and grow their network of connections while living in a vibrant and culturally expansive country.

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