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Why do interns go to London?

As one of the busiest business cities in the world, London is the perfect place for internships. When interns choose London as their placement destination, they benefit from working in an international hub, with many sectors to choose from.

Students taking an internship in London will be seeking to ensure their CVs stand out against their competitors who will compete for the same roles later on. Being able to distinguish a CV is essential in today’s fiercely competitive job market. This becomes the perfect chance for interns to show any future employers that they have the independence and drive to carve out a successful career for themselves and are comfortable working in a busy environment.

London internships allow interns to gain exposure in a diverse city while developing professional connections that can then be utilised in the future. London is the perfect place to experience a unique combination of business, culture, education and an exhilarating nightlife. This will all help our interns enjoy their time while gaining tremendous value from their placement.

Business partners in London

We have partner businesses throughout London, with everything from law firms in the City, finance companies in Camden, administration positions in Greenwich, and marketing positions in trendy Notting Hill. We are always looking for new partners across a multitude of sectors to help provide an environment in which interns can experience working life and explore their career path.

Internships we offer include:

  • London Internship
  • Taster Internship
  • Erasmus+ Internship
  • PON Internship
  • Alternanza Scuola Lavoro