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Rest of the UK

Great Britain has so much to offer interns in terms of culture, landmarks, business and entertainment. It is also home to an intense competitive job market that holds jobs in which applicants strive to work in. We offer the Hospitality Training Programme and Tier 5 Sponsorship in Engineering.

About our UK-wide programmes

Both our programmes allow for interns to kick-start their career, gain invaluable experience and improve their language skills.

All placements are available within the engineering, hospitality and tourism sector, enabling interns to help with the daily operations of the business. Our award-winning work experience team provides a service that matches the requirements and language ability of interns to the company and role, ensuring that they transition into their intern role comfortably and confidently.

Our hospitality training programme offers the opportunity for interns to earn money. Whereas our Tier 5 Engineering Sponsorship programme is offered as a voluntary position. 

Business Partners across the UK

Twin has hosted the hospitality programme for over 20 years and has managed to build successful relationships with over 500 businesses throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Additionally, Twin are one of few licensed UK companies that offer the sought-after Tier 5 Sponsorship in Engineering.

We are always looking for more business partners who may be able to help provide a place for our interns.

Internships we offer include:

  • Hospitality Training Programme
  • Tier 5 Sponsorship in Engineering