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Frequently asked questions


Please see the range of frequently asked questions below.

If your question is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Programme Details

How much do your programmes cost?

Each programme is priced differently and can be specifically tailored to your needs to include things like travelcards and airport transfers. Please contact us for an individual quote.

What is included in the programme?

All internships offer our placement matching service and support from our team but optional extras such as language tuition can be added upon request for an additional fee.

What are the minimum and maximum durations available?

Durations vary based upon the programme but can be anything from two weeks to 12 months. 

About your placement

What company will I be placed with?

We have a portfolio of more than 1000 businesses and we always aim to place students within their sector of choice. The specific company you are placed in will be dependent upon company availability and your level of English.

Where are your partner businesses located?

Most of our host companies are based throughout London and Dublin, but we also have placements available in Eastbourne and Edinburgh

Is my placement guaranteed?

You will attend an interview at your placement company, they will then determine if you are successful. If you are unsuccessful at your first interview, a second one will be arranged.

Can you help me prepare for my placement?

We will help prepare you for your placement when you attend the induction at our HQ in London, our Dublin office, or online. We will provide you with all the relevant information you will need to complete your placement during your induction.

If your placement is not in London or Dublin, your induction will take place at the location of your placement or online.


Can I come with a friend?

Yes! You can travel together but we cannot guarantee that you will be placed together.

About internships with Twin

Do you offer support to participants?

You will be given details of a 24/7 emergency contact and will have a dedicated placement officer who will arrange your placement and be there to answer any questions you might have.

How many students do you place?

Every year we place more than 1000 students and our busiest time is usually during the summer.

Where do your students come from?

Most of our students are from EU countries; however, we have many non-EEA nationals taking part in our internships. Thanks to our partnership with BUNAC, we can continue offering these internship opportunities post-Brexit. 

Do you offer any other services?

All internship students will have access to our social programme in London, Eastbourne and Dublin. Optional extras include English tuition, airport transfers and accommodation.