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Dublin Internship

Duration: 4-26 weeks

Based in Dublin, our internships are a fantastic opportunity for graduates to get the experience they need to move forward in their chosen field. Ireland offers a burgeoning economy with a wide range of sectors from the Alcoholic Beverage industry to Finance, Software and IT and more. Taking an Internship in Ireland through Twin gives interns the opportunity to gain experience and improve their English while living in a fascinating and culturally unique country. 

Experience a new country and work culture

Working successfully overseas helps students grow and mature as independent and capable individuals. Coming to Ireland for this experience means coming to a country renowned for its hospitality and welcoming attitude. Students can develop in an encouraging and friendly environment.

Many companies who conduct business across countries use English as their chosen language of communication. Strong English skills are therefore highly desirable in the worldwide job market, making Ireland an excellent choice for gaining work experience. 

Outside of work, Ireland's tremendous history and vibrant culture mean that there is plenty for interns to do in their spare time. 

A Twin internship includes an employer reference and matched placement.