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Internships in the UK

Our internships and volunteering experiences are available to individuals and groups from all over the world. We work with hundreds of employers, allowing us to offer a wide range of sectors and placement types, in London, Eastbourne and across the UK.

The duration of the courses ranges from two weeks and up to one year.

London Internship

Intern in the UK to gain experience and boost your employability. This programme is great for graduates who want to advance the career ladder but lack the experience to get started.

Location: London

From £1055

Tier 5 Engineering Sponsorship

In a specialist field such as engineering, it can often be difficult for graduates to gain enough quality work experience for them to secure a good job in their chosen sector, especially as many roles specify that previous experience is necessary in order to apply. If you are an international student, this can be especially difficult for you if your home country does not have the same prominent industries as some of those across Europe and the United States.

Location: UK

From £1500


From the 1st January 2021, all nationalities travelling to the UK will have the right to attend a volunteering experience for up to 30 days (6 weeks) in a registered charity under the 6 month long “Visit Visa” (this is replacing the former Short term Study visa). This will be available to all nationalities, from EU citizens to the rest of the world.


From £500

Virtual Internship

Complete a Virtual Internship with companies based in the UK and Ireland. You can gain experience, boost your employability and develop new skills for modern working.

Location: Remote

From £1055