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London Internship

Duration: 4-26 weeks


Based exclusively in London, our long-term internships are perfect for graduates who are attempting to get onto the career ladder but lack real world experience. With internships in London available across a wide range of sectors including marketing, law, architecture and administration; there is definitely something for everyone. We offer a unique opportunity to work in London, gain invaluable experience, and improve upon English language skills, all whilst living in one of the most vibrant and diverse cities on the planet!

Through our partnership with BUNAC we are also able to offer internships in London to students outside of the EEA

Our internships allow students to increase their understanding of how to deal with real work responsibilities and deadlines. At Twin, we have an excellent placement process, which matches student internships to students’ CV’s, career goals and personality. This ensures that they are placed in the most suitable position, allowing them to explore their chosen career path and sharpen their existing skills. Most placements tend to have a minimum duration of four weeks, making this placement ideal for university students, as placements can be arranged around their summer break. We also find internships for students which have a longer duration and have previously placed students for 3-6 months.    

Experience a new country and work culture

Working and succeeding in one of the busiest cities in the world proves that students can handle the bustling and competitive nature of the London job market, it provides them with a sense of independence that will help them grow as an individual. Because of the great time they had in the city, we have seen many students choose to remain in London when their internships finish for their personal and career development.

Many businesses, especially those with regional and international offices, use English as the main language of communication, making the possession of strong English language skills a highly desirable attribute. A broadened business vocabulary and an insight into the British work environment are sure to give all candidates an advantage when looking for future roles.

A Twin internship also includes an employer reference, matched placement and a half-day orientation at our training centre in Greenwich, London.